DARE is a new approach to health. A combination of clinical skills, psychological and emotional release techniques.


DARE is a new approach to health.

A combination of clinical skills, psychological and emotional release techniques.

Catherine Abdy is a Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) Intuitive Practitioner based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. DARE combines advanced clinical techniques that work on an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and cellular level to clear out old patterns, beliefs and behaviours from the very core issue.
Challenges occur from the build up of stress, shock and events that have left us feeling out of control and vulnerable. Emotions can cause physical dis-ease and disorders, weaknesses in systems and blockages. Emotions can create mental and emotional patterns that penetrate our energetic fields with memories imprinted at a cellular and DNA level, following us and our lineage through lives creating ground hog day. DARE works with historical and genetic issues eradicating at the root level.

DARE helps with disorders such as:
Anxiety, grief, depression, organs, limbs, physical pain (muscular and skeletal), self-esteem, OCD, addictions, relationships and childhood problems.

DARE specialises in areas such as abuse, pregnancy and birth trauma, post-natal depression and post-traumatic stress.

Simon (Halifax)

'Have just had a Dare treatment this afternoon from Catherine. I am very impressed with this therapy and the caring, gentleness and supportiveness of Catherine. I went with a lot of pain in my lower region which has been around for months and I have been suffering...
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Jo (Cleckheaton)

'Worth the effort and money tenfold ! Brilliant results from day 1 Thank you' - Jo (Cleckheaton)
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Lisa, Marsden

Ok, I really don't know how much to thank Catherine. I went with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect, and with a element of scientific scepticism, but I can only say the results speak for themselves. I approached her following a recommendation. I was...
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Ria, Leeds

Over the years I have tried lots of different forms of therapy, but nothing has helped me like my experience with Cat. She has been incredibly gentle and kind, helping me to overcome this extreme anxiety that I carried around for many years, most of which wasn't even...
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Richard (Halifax)

'Had a session with Cat in July when amongst other things she helped me to overcome my terrifying life-long phobia of crocodiles. Couldn't stand to look at them in photos or on a TV screen. On holiday recently I visited a zoo where I came across 4 live ones behind a...
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