About DARE Founder

Founded in 2009 by Joy Wisdom, Allonus Ltd provides education, training and publications for new radical approaches to health.

A clinical practitioner, experienced healer, speaker and teacher, Joy has also authored numerous books, CDs and DVDs on her findings and delivers a range of courses. The books explore birth trauma, exploring how birth affects everyone differently. They also explore our different responses to the same treatment, with our reactions influenced by our coping strategies and our past life. ” In essence, we are shells, becoming less and less of who we are and meant to be,” Joy told the Western Guardian.

In addition to her books, Joy runs regular training courses throughout the year. The courses are fully accredited and all are welcome to enroll.

Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) intuitive practitioner’s course work on all levels to get to the core of the issue.

”This isn’t regression or hypnotherapy; it’s simply tuning into the psyche and training practitioners how to use the techniques. We all have the ability to do these things; it’s just a matter of awakening those gifts and skills and using them to the optimal level.”

Additionally – Allonus LiGHt Healing programme helps protect and ground the recipient, clears old emotions, patterns, behaviour, beliefs and develops consciousness. In addition to her books, CDs, DVDs and courses, Joy also accepts one-to-one sessions by appointment and is currently penning another book dedicated to her involvement in Earth Work.


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