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I am based in Leeds but was born in Co.Down, N. Ireland. I love walking, singing, dancing and being a mum to my son, Oliver. My passion is helping others clear emotional blocks so they can move forward in their lives, with a better understanding of themselves. My entrance into this life was via a mother and baby home ran by nuns in the 1970’s and then into a convent run home in Belfast for children who were being given up for adoption. Luckily, I was adopted at 3 months old by 2 parents who really wanted ‘a wee girl’. I always knew I was adopted, often visiting the nuns as a primary aged child. From the outside looking in things were perfect – a loving family, wanting for nothing. I always felt something was missing though and used to look at women as I grew up wondering if they were my birth mum. My DARE training helped me realise ‘that something’ I felt was missing was actually the oxytocin not received at birth. There is no blame here of course for I truly believe we chose our life script for our soul’s highest learning.

If a child feels unwanted in the womb they can feel unwanted in life. If a mother suffers abuse whilst pregnant this adds to the child not feeling safe in the world. If a baby has not received bonding and oxytocin ‘the love hormone between mum and baby’ at birth they may spend their whole life searching for ‘that something’ that is missing. If a baby suffers from birth trauma adolescent hormones can trigger this. The earlier we can treat babies and clear the shock, trauma and inherited generational trauma the better. As the child’s brain is developed in the womb clearing any impacts that is not supportive to cognitive and psychological health would save millions to organisations who later in life have to pick up the pieces. Mental health services are overloaded as it is. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) added to the mix impacts further on the health and wellbeing of the child and family. I know this because I have lived it …

I met Joy Wisdom and my life took on a completely different course – a journey back to the real me – the person I was supposed to be all along. I had trained in other healing modalities, which all served a purpose in my awakening but I just knew DARE was different. DARE is trauma based therapy, amongst many other things. I realised I was a sensitive, an empath. So much of what I had experienced in life was the result of foetal origins, absorbed emotions from others around me and inherited generational trauma. Such a relief to learn they weren’t all mine. Part of being an empath is that you feel what others feel which is perfect now as a DARE practitioner, I feel what clients need to clear, but many empaths are completely overloaded from other people’s stuff and suffering mental ill health as a result. I had went down the medical route with my post natal depression but ‘my story’ wasn’t delved into. Trauma was never mentioned when in fact that was what was driving my every thought and action for most of my life. Such a relief to train in DARE and realise all of this!

The journey continues …x

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