‘Life has changed a lot for me since my first DARE treatment nearly three years ago. I was living with the trauma of the past at the forefront of my mind. Every morning, I knew I was waking up to another day filled with intense fear and short-lived but distressingly dark mood swings.
At first I noticed subtle changes. I felt my anxiety levels drop and I was kinder to myself, not continually beating myself up. In time the changes became more significant. Past trauma was staying in the past and after decades of life standing still I was able to move on.
I found that DARE melted away shock that 100s of appointments with Specialists hadn’t cured or even properly addressed. I still have ups and downs and some emotional pain to clear but the biggest difference for me is that I have hope for the future. In the last couple of months I’ve been able to come off anti-depressants for the first time in 16 years with no ill effects’ – Julia (London)
‘It has been so beneficial, I am so looking forward to my next session.’
Martina (Belfast)