‘Have just had a Dare treatment this afternoon from Catherine. I am very impressed with this therapy and the caring, gentleness and supportiveness of Catherine. I went with a lot of pain in my lower region which has been around for months and I have been suffering with it. I have just had two Dare sessions with Catherine last week and today and I no longer feel the suffering. I feel like a new spiritual soul and I am glowing with joy. I truly recommend Catherine and the Dare therapy if you haven’t experienced it before it is amazing with immediate benefits during therapy and after. It is as if Catherine tunes into the whole of me and then gently and magically removes all the discomfort in my body while I am in a relaxed position which in itself is extremely comfortable and relaxing. Catherine is an expert in working on my individual therapy needs and it is a very special experience. I very much highly recommend Catherine and the Dare Intuitive Therapy’

Simon (Halifax)